Supercalendered Kraft


As one of the most popular substrate options, supercalendered kraft is a highly versatile and consistent option. It offers good coating capabilities alongside good die-cutting performance. All in all, it’s a highly versatile choice. If you require a double-sided liner, then supercalendered kraft is ideal.

What is supercalendered kraft?

Supercalendered papers are the most widely used substrate for the manufacture of industrial release products. Supercalendered release base papers have evolved from traditional greaseproof and glassine papers, and then highly developed and optimised for silicone coating.

As a consequence of their high strength, consistent quality and cost effectiveness, they have not only become the workhorse of the self-adhesive label industry, but also the most popular substrate for industrial release applications.

Supercalendered papers are manufactured from a mixed cellulose fibre furnish, comprised predominantly of softwood kraft pulp. The pulp is highly refined and fibrillated to produce paper with a dense closed surface, with very low porosity.

The surface of the paper is then further enhanced by dampening the paper with water until it is almost wringing wet, then supercalendering the paper between a series of rollers at high temperature and under extreme pressure. This process results in a very dense paper, with a smooth, glazed surface which is ideal for silicone coating.

The supercalendering process accurately controls the thickness (or caliper) of the paper and imparts a degree of translucency. These are essential requirements for the self-adhesive label industry, to facilitate die-cutting and optical dispensing of labels on price-weigh equipment.

These properties, however, are less important for industrial release applications for which the paper is optimised for the application of silicone coatings to both sides, if required.

Super calendered papers are available in a limited range of substances and colours. They are the natural first choice of substrate for industrial release applications unless the end use requires superior lay-flat and dimensional stability characteristics.

Printed or plain

For branding and instructional purposes, supercalendered kraft can be printed on one or both sides, depending on the paper density.

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