Thermoplastics films have been used in the manufacture of release liners for many years. Filmic release liners have found many applications in a wide variety of industries and end-uses, where their properties may be more appropriate than a paper based release liner.

The majority of filmic liners are based on three families of thermoplastic polymers – Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polyethylene Teraphthalate. However, there is enormous potential for customising both the polymers and the film production processes which has resulted in the proliferation of a daunting range of variants and properties to choose from.

Cotek offer a range of filmic release liners, based on the three families of thermoplastic polymers, to compliment the range of paper based release liners. They are similarly available with one or two-side silicone coatings and with a comparable range of controlled release properties.

A wide range of film thicknesses, colours and properties are available to suit the customers application, and most films can be backprinted or printed before siliconising.

What is polypropylene release liner?

Cotek offer mono and bi-axially oriented siliconised polypropylene films. The orientation process is a mechanical stretching of the film in it’s molten state to enhance the molecular chain strength in either the machine direction (mono) on in both machine direction and cross direction (bi).

The stretching process can be used to improve the physical strength and barrier properties of the film and provide resistance to tear initiation.

Polypropylene films have many similarities to polythene films. Because of the additional processing, polypropylene tends to be slightly more expensive, but it has a lower density, higher rigidity and melting point (up to 170°C).

A range of thicknesses and colours are available.

Polypropylene is most commonly used for the following applications:

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