Silicone-Coated Release Paper & Liners

Silicone release papers, films and liners for double-sided and die-cut adhesive tapes
We offer a range of silicone release papers and films for double-sided and die-cut adhesive tapes. Whatever the application, we have a solution to help you increase efficiency while keeping costs down. We don’t ask you to work around our specifications. Instead, we start with you. We have the capacity to manufacture uniform and stable release liners with carefully controlled release characteristics.

Silicone Release Paper

Benefit from strong release properties and consistent release levels with our range of silicone release papers, liners, and films for a range of solutions. From medical to industrial, food, and postage, our silicone-coated release liners come in a wide range of specifications, including degrees of release, thicknesses, sizes, and more to perfectly suit your business requirements. We provide our clients with expert guidance to achieve the right combination of materials and conversions designed specifically for their applications.

Silicone Release Paper

With over 50 years’ experience manufacturing silicone-coated release liners, we have the expertise and passion to offer your company a technical edge. By partnering with Cotek, you’ll have access to our expert team, industry-leading manufacturing facility and custom-built technical laboratory. Whether you are moving suppliers or bringing a new product to market, we can help. Our technical capabilities allow our customers to focus on innovation while we focus on quality control.
Silicone release film, paper & liner applications include:

– Composites
– Medical
– Industrial
– Food & Bakery
– Graphics
– Envelopes
– Hygiene
– Other

Silicone release liner reels, coils & sheets designed to your specifications

From sterile release paper solutions for medical and hygiene supply companies to butyl mastic sealants for double glazing and release papers for bakeries and the food supply chain, we have decades of experience working with a broad range of industries. We work closely with our customers to design and supply bespoke silicone film, paper, and liner best suited to their applications and design specifications.

We can manufacture silicone release liners, papers, and films in a range of substrates/callipers and release coatings, either standard or modified. Our qualities are available in reels, coils or sheets depending on your needs. Most products can be supplied in reels up to 1600mm wide, coils down to 12mm wide or in sheets ranging from 50mm x 50mm to 1300mm x 1500mm. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team are awaiting your call – get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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