Ethical Policy


Cotek Papers Limited recognises the need for an Ethical Trading Policy and undertakes to comply with national and other applicable law as well as international labour standards.

Cotek also subscribes to the principles of the Ethical Trading Initiative base code with regard to:

  • Freely chosen employment
  • Freedom of association
  • Safe and hygienic working conditions
  • No child labour
  • Payment of living wages
  • Reasonable working hours
  • Non-discrimination
  • Regular employment
  • Treatment of employees

Wherever possible Cotek also encourages its suppliers to conform to this policy.

Cotek observes this policy by the following means:

Employment is freely chosen – no requirement for deposits or lodging of identity papers exist and employees have the right to resign after a reasonable notice period.

Freedom of association – the right to collective bargaining is respected and membership of a trade union is a protected characteristic.

Working conditions are safe and hygienic – Cotek are accredited to ISO45001 and for example there is annual screening of night shift workers and those handling coatings. Work wear and personal protective equipment is provided.

No child labour – all employees are over the age of 18

Living wages are paid – for example all employees have a written statement of employment, an itemised pay statement is issued and no deductions can be made without the employees permission. Payments provide for basic needs as well as discretionary income and is not to be confused with the “Living Wage” as calculated by the Living Wage Foundation.

Working hours are not excessive – these comply with national laws, there is annual holiday entitlement (as well as bank holidays) and any overtime is entirely voluntary which is compensated at a premium rate.

No discrimination is practised – Cotek are committed to equal opportunity and management ensure that recruitment, selection, training, development and promotion procedures do not result in any employee or job applicant receiving less favourable treatment because of a protected characteristic.

Regular employment is provided – a recognised employment relationship exists with every employee and the use of fixed term contracts is avoided. There is a tradition of employees having a long and loyal history with Cotek.

No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed – a policy is pursued with the aim of creating a harmonious working environment free from harassment, bullying and other forms of intimidation.

K Gater

Managing Director

Issue 4 November 2023

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