From nappies to sanitary products, the demand for innovative and discreet release paper solutions is soaring. We offer a range of plain and printed silicone release liners to the hygiene product industry. Our technical capabilities and dedication to offering a personalised service ensure that we remain competitive. For cost-effective liners that don’t compromise on quality, trust Cotek.

Silicone Release Liners

One of the biggest factors in manufacturing release liners for hygiene products is discretion and ease-of-use. Parents know the sticky tabs on a baby’s nappy need to release easily and just in time. And those using incontinence pads or hygiene products know that being able to unwrap them discreetly in a toilet stall is vital. We recognise that it’s the small features that encourage loyalty to a product.

We’re experienced in developing innovative release liners for all kinds of hygiene products. Perhaps you’re looking to cut costs by making the release liner part of the packaging? Or you’d like to develop a whisper-quiet substrate that can be unwrapped discreetly? Whatever your needs, we have the technical capabilities and the supplier partnerships to be able to deliver time and time again. Get in touch with Cotek today to find out how we can help develop your product.

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