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PE coated substrates, which are also referred to as PE coated kraft or poly coated craft, offer good water resistance and wet strength. This type of substrate can be coated on one or both sides, offering a versatile option for a number of products.

What is PE coated kraft?

Polyethylene coated papers were one of the first substrates to be used commercially for silicone coating, as they are both smooth and have total holdout to the wet silicone coating. Despite environmental and recycling concerns, and restrictions on processing temperatures, polyethylene coated papers continue to be widely used for the manufacture of industrial release materials.

Polyethylene coated papers are produced by extruding a curtain of molten polythene, through a slot-die, onto the surface of the paper and then immediately cooling the coating against a steel chill roller. A coatweight of 12 to 20 GSM is typically required to achieve a satisfactory, pin-hole free coating.

Polymers of high or low density, or blends of these polymers, may be used for release paper manufacture.

The surface finish of the polythene coating is determined by the surface of the chill roller, from which the coating takes a mirror image. A range of surface finishes are available from matt to high gloss.

With two-side polyethylene coated papers, the convention is for one side to be glossy and the other side matt, but any combination is possible. Moreover, polyethylene can be extruded onto a wide variety of substrates, different types, substances and colours.

Compared with supercalendered kraft papers, polythene coated substrates are restricted in their subsequent processing conditions as the polymer coatings begin to soften above about 100 to 110°C. However, in two-side polyethylene coated formats, they offer unrivalled dimensional stability and lay-flat characteristics.

Polyethylene coated papers are popular for demanding end use applications as the polymer coating provides an additional barrier. They are also favoured for medical applications as they are exceptionally clean and free from loose fibre.

PE coated craft is most commonly used in the following applications:

Colour and printing options

PE coated kraft is available in white, unbleached or in different colours on request. It’s possible to print on the kraft paper or on the PE coating, offering versatile options. Printing can also be single or double sided, depending on your unique needs.

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