In a medical setting, patient care comes first. We manufacture release paper and film that makes it possible for healthcare professionals to do their job while keeping patients safe from infection. Our release papers and films make wound dressings easier to apply and they keep ECG electrodes sterile until they are needed. It’s all the little things that allow Doctors and Nurses to focus on the task at hand.

Sterile Release Paper Solutions

Medical innovations are always moving forward, and Cotek is proud to be a part of that movement. We have helped to develop new and innovative ways to use release materials in a medical setting. We work with a range of substrates and release coatings to help meet the needs of the medical and surgical supply industry. We have helped to produce transparent wound dressings, footcare products, ostomy bags, monitoring electrodes and hydrogel pads to name but a few products.

Cotek is a trusted partner for many medical and hygiene supply companies and organisations including some famous household names. Building on our decades of experience developing new silicone release liners, we bring expertise and expansive facilities to the table. From our bespoke production site in Gloucestershire, we have the means to develop silicone liners with carefully controlled release characteristics.

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