From self-seal envelopes to specialist security bags, we produce carefully controlled release liners for a range of uses. We are a key partner for a number of companies that trust us to deliver reliable and uniform release coatings. Our in-house testing laboratory allows us to test everything from tensile strength to high and low-speed release measures.

Tamper-Proof Release Tape

If you are developing cash-in-transit security bags, you will know the release properties of any liner are vital to the success of the tamper evident seal. If the liner releases from the product prematurely and activates the security feature, the product is void. To keep your tamper evident bags secure, we work hard to develop innovative release liners to ensure premium release for best functionality. These filmic liners can also be used for self-seal mailing envelopes, such as those used for charity collections and mail order bags.

Cotek takes quality control very seriously, which is why we employ quality control measures throughout production. This means our customers can rely on us to deliver the same quality product time and time again. By partnering with Cotek for your release liner needs, you don’t just get access to high-quality products, you also get to lean on our decades of experience. Please get in touch today to find out how we can help you develop your product.

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