Environmental Policy


Cotek is committed to reducing the impact of its operation on the environment through complying with all relevant legislation and pursuing an active policy of environmental improvement. The key points are as follows:


  • All coatings are termed as 100% solvent free chemistry. There remains a small presence of VOC which under the definition of solvent VOC makes Cotek an EPA prescribed process.
  • Energy consumption is minimised by the best available technology, recycling waste heat and the use of inverter drives.
  • New buildings and upgrades of existing buildings are designed to make best use of heat and light.


  • Process exhaust air quality
  • Ozone Emission
  • Exhaust water vapour quality
  • Noise
  • Hazardous chemicals assessments

Assessment in response to the Environment Protection Act 1990 is made annually. Action plans to rectify any deviation from acceptable limits are drawn up and followed.

Waste and Recycling

The waste management system has recently been reconfigured. Traditionally the reprocessing of silicone release liners has posed a problem; owing to the silicone barrier inhibiting break-down in re-pulping. Cotek has introduced a complex labyrinth of segregation methods producing defined waste streams to aid recycling.

  • Solvent residues and waste oils are recycled
  • Aqueous and solvent free by products are disposed of in accordance with best ACOP

Directives and Regulations

Our products conform to:

  • the European Directive on Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations 1998, 94/6
  • European Norm EN71 part 3 (1988)
  • US CONEG specification regarding heavy metals in packaging waste

Ongoing Programme

Our future projects include:

  • Investigation of CHP
  • Waste stream definition and segregation
  • Waste stream recycling
  • Reducing the impact of the Climate Change Levy

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