Succession of Cotek Papers Limited

Laufenberg to integrate British Cotek Papers Limited into German group of companies

Laufenberg, a leading specialist for silicone coated papers and films, expands through the takeover of Cotek Papers Limited in Great Britain.
Laufenberg GmbH, having its principal office in Krefeld and being an international specialist for silicone coated papers and films, acquired the largest British company for silicone coating, Cotek Papers Limited located in Moreton-in-Marsh, from its previous owners Scott and Adam Hazell. Laufenberg integrates Cotek as an independent subsidiary into the group of companies and keeps all existing 51 employees. Paul Cattle who has already worked as General Manager for Cotek for many years becomes the Managing Director. The takeover agreement was signed on November 08th 2021.

Strengthened market position

”Great Britain has always been an important market to us. The addition of Cotek with its modern machinery will increase our market position significantly and especially the possibility to coat inert UV-silicones opens up a new innovative product segment”, says Jörg Soding, Managing Director of Laufenberg, when signing the contract in Great Britain. With 230 employees and an expected revenue of 80 Mio Euros Laufenberg is one of the leading silicone coaters in Europe. Further key markets for their silicone coated papers and films include North America and Asia.

Scott Hazell underlined that both Laufenberg and Cotek have shared values, beliefs and aspirations. Both companies are family owned / managed and have a focus on technically demanding products. “This agreement ensures that customers keep their existing contacts and reliable service while having access to a wider product portfolio. Laufenberg has an excellent reputation in the market and was my desired partner for the corporate succession. The open and trusting business negotiations held give me confidence for a successful future”.

Laufenberg stands for quality

Laufenberg GmbH was founded in 1947. Silicone coated papers and films have
been produced since 1960. The Soding family is the sole owner of the company. Jörg Soding initiated the generation change in 2007 and led the company to a customer-oriented innovation center. The company premises measure 38.000 square meters and include in total four coating lines for the siliconization of papers and films. Three of them are equipped for double side coating in one machine pass. One machine is equipped for silicone coating one side. The company focusses on high-end industrial applications and has withdrawn from mass production.

In today’s world silicone coated liners are essential. Amongst other applications, they are used for example as a cover for double-coated adhesive tape, for the manufacturing of carbon fiber components in the aerospace industry or for the protection of medical dressings. Recent achievements of Laufenberg are two new developments that improve the surface texture and environmental behavior during the coating tremendously.

The continuous expansion in Krefeld continues. At this point, a new raw material storage is under planning. In addition, an 11.000 square meter piece of land in the adjacent industrial area Den Ham was acquired with a view to future projects.

Cotek Papers Limited is well known in Great Britain

Cotek was incorporated in 1964. The transfer of share capital includes ownership of 15.000 square meter premises at Moreton-in-Marsh, including offices and production buildings, to Laufenberg GmbH. This includes, amongst other equipment, three coating lines for the silicone coating and printing of papers and films. Cotek is well established in their home market and further supplies across Europe. The company name will be kept and the existing staff will continue to be employed.