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Product Selection

There are two components to a release liner: the substrate and the silicone coating. Both of these need to be carefully selected to ensure that the liner has the required properties. The choice will normally depend on the following:

the type of adhesive to be used
the conversion process requirements
the performance requirements of the finished product

By careful selection of both substrate and coating technology we are able to offer products for a wide variety of applications. A number of our products can also be back printed or printed under the silicone coating to allow the use of customer logos or provide product differentiation.


Cotek offers a range of substrates with a wide range of physical properties:

Supercalendered kraft
Sized/ primed kraft
Clay coated kraft
PE coated kraft
High density polyethylene film
Polyester film
Vegetable parchment
Greaseproof paper


Cotek uses three main types of coating technology:

Thermally cured solventless silicones
Thermally cured aqueous emulsion silicones
Ultra-violet radiation cured silicones

The release of the thermally cured systems can be controlled to different levels.
Substrates layout